vendredi 4 mai 2007

Lego Star Wars, or the bricks addiction

Lego were my favourite game as a child. I would build space stations and space crafts for hours, out of the classic bricks. I was born too early for the fancy trademark kits, but it was all good fun.For a long time I was unable to play the first game, because I didn’t have the right console (PS2). Doh ! But then I had the original trilogy on PSP, where DBF insisted we play in coop.Just imagine us 2 in the middle a forest, sitting on a blanket by a tree on a sunny day, trying to keep the connection alive… To tell you the truth, it’s hard to play that game with 2 players, you get blocked in places if you go too far apart !

I wasn’t impressed with the experience. I really got into it when I bought the first game on PS2. This is the first game I played every night, and I am now in the last stage….To be totally Lego Star Wars crazy, I also played the original trilogy on PSP in parallel. You can imagine how long it takes to play all that ! ;)So, why the addiction? I love Star wars. I love Lego. And the games are a mix of agility, finding clues and trying stuff, with also a lot of humour. In a word, it’s just plain fun.
So if you haven’t tried already, now might be the time…

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