mardi 8 mai 2007

PSP LocoRoco

Editor: Sony

Out: 23jun06

Plateform game where you are a yellow ball exploring different worlds.

The player is moving the world with the L and R buttons, and gravity does the rest !!

The +
- Cute funny characters and universes
- jpop for the ambiance
- Original gameplay with L and R

The -
- The worlds and musics become quickly repetitive after a while
- Some bonuses are very very hard to find, not to say impossible
- The songs words are just non sense

DBF was trying to convince me to buy a PSP last July. And one of his arguments were “look, there’s a game for you ! Loco Roco, cute and all !!!”
At first I didn’t listen. A few days later, I went to Game to buy a PSP. DBF automatically gave me Loco Roco as game to buy (a console without games is a bit useless). As I wasn’t too inspired by the other PSP games. I took it.

Once at home… the shock. I fell in love with the game. Cute music I even put in my mp3 player, cute characters, and fun gameplay !!!

I was also inspired to make a stitching design…

So if you are looking for an original game, with cute look and fun, give Loco Roco a try !

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