samedi 5 mai 2007

The guitar hero adventures, part 1

After trying Donkey congas in ToyRus last year or so, I became a fan and had to buy a game cube just to play the game for hours and hours. Of course at that time the console plus congas and extra game were only 70 pounds. A bargain.But then I played less and less… hitting congas ends up hurting hands (especially the hand clapping) and the moving background of Donkey Congas 2 made me dizzy.
So when guitar hero came along, I thought it was a bit childish of me to buy it. I even bought a real guitar to learn how to play the real thing (ok, it was a long time dream to learn how to play guitar, so why not?).

But last Monday we went to friends house where they have guitar hero on xbox 360. I played a long time, at least 10 songs says DBF, who took pictures and even a mini video on my camera !
So that was settled: I needed Guitar hero for my PS2. First estimation on GamePlay was 39.99 pounds for Guitar hero II and the guitar controller. In Game they dare asking 44.99 for a preowned for the same thing.

The only thing was that I wasn’t so keen on having such a big box delivered at home (working full time, it means I’m never there when the postman calls, and I have to go to the post office early morning to avoid parking problems, etc… the whole process can be a hassle), but GamePlay are usually good and quick on delivery, so I ordered it yesterday, hoping for a Saturday delivery.

Now this is when fate stroke. Today I went home for lunch. And at 1pm, the delivery guy knocked on the door, and gave me a big box ! I’m ecstatic. I’ve used GamePlay before, and they continue to provide great service. Imagine this, last time I preordered Okami (PS2) and got it in my mailbox the day before it was out in the shops! Cheaper games, free delivery and all !Now I know what I will be doing on this 3 days week end…

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