jeudi 10 mai 2007

DS Zookeeper

Editor: Ignition Entertainment
Out: 11mar05
Match 3 identical animals or more by moving them with the stylus to make them disappear. Direct transposition of Bejewelled, you can’t stop playing it !
- Funny designs
- Full use of touch screen
- Very addictive, so it’s value for money
The -
- Repetitive music you’ll switch off after a short while
- Very addictive, your eyes will dry out and your social life will suffer

Welcome to the universe of zookeeper. Around Christmas last year, I was hesitating buying a DS, or a PSP, or… nothing. Then I saw a demo of Zookeeper on the telly. It’s Bejewelled with fun animals, and the touch screen is used here to its full potential. So I bought a DS… and the game. And the addiction started… day, night, again and again…. There is no rational reason to play the game, you just have to do it.

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