mardi 8 mai 2007

Why do you hate my PSP?

I’ve only been in contact with female gamers for a week end, but it was full of teachings:
- there are loads of females playing video games
- there are blogs out there, and communities, etc…
- most of them are feminist
- most of them play WW and/or DS.
- they think Sony and PSP are evil

And that’s where I start my rant…. I bite my tongue on forums and communities out of respect for others, but here it’s my place, so I will say what I really feel.

I thought that the pro-Nintendo was a French speciality. Growing up with the SNES, they fear the PSP would eat the DS alive like PS1 did to Sega. But I have over looked the fact that the DS and the Wii were aimed at children and women, even the non-gamers. Then apparently they listened to the medias, and became anti-Sony.

I’m pro-Sony. Sony has always been nothing but good to me, since my first walkman 12 years ago that is still working. I don’t listen to ads. Every Sony apparatus I owned was good quality and long lasting. So I just don’t understand why people are so anti-Sony.

I hear the same arguments again and again: UMDs suck, loading times are huge, controls are bad, screen is faulty, etc… All these things are false, just like the PS3 isn’t overheating.

Ok, the PSP hasn’t been well advertised. A multimedia console like that could have been targeted to a wide audience, and attract non-gamers too.

There’s a misconception that the PSP doesn’t have any games. But if you count the releases, you have more PSP games /month than the DS (20 vs 10 approximatively), and anyway, people always buy the same DS games over and over, so there is no point in releasing new games on DS.

They say DS games are better than PSPs. Once again, misconception. On PSP you have the same games as the DS, plus FPS, 3d platform, etc… all that is missing is the touch screen, and let’s face it, it is dangerously underused in most DS games.

Problem is, because of all the media bad publicity, shops doesn’t have all PSP games. They prefer to show 20 copies of Mario Kart than new PSP releases.

I don’t really care for all that, except it means it’s going to be hard to find a like minded individual who likes playing PSP…. And I feel left out if discussions between female gamers turn around how great Nintendo is. What would be the point of telling them that they are only playing old games ported onto DS and Wii, and the so called innovation of the touch screen and wii mote are only an illusion, as most games don’t exploit them? They like their consoles, and to discuss how great they are. I’m a busy person, I have no time and energy to try to convince them of the contrary, and anyway, they wouldn’t listen.

Conclusion, I’m still feeling alone in the big video gaming world…

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