dimanche 6 mai 2007

A life in games?

The reason I started this blog was a to find other gamer women. Saerching them on the web didn’t give any result, so I wanted to send a message in a bottle. But then yesterday I found the girl-gamers community on LiveJournal, and from there… I reached the promised land.
Unfortunatly I arrived on the day they were swamped with new arrivals from the LJ Spotlight, and things aren’t that easy, from there I discovered Iris, a forum and links to blogs. I’ll have to find time to explore it all.

Also, I had forgotten that when you start a blog,you have loads to say, but you basically talk in nothingness. Luckily Chiamata is there, thanks for your comments !!!! So I suppose I should start a promotion campain as well

Yesterday I mostly played Guitar Hero 2. I fell in the loop of “just another song”, and in the end my vision got weird, like curtains lifting themselves up and such. But it was very temporary.

A week ago I wrote to PSP Fanboy who was having a “Friday art” feature and requested submission. As I didn’t get any email back, I kind of forgot about it. But guess whoat? I checked this morning and my little PSP felt mascot is the friday feature of the week ! youhou !!!! Apparently they love it…

I paid a little visit to Game. I live in a small town, and salepersons in there are more or less the same each time I go. And I suppose they noticed my visits as the guy said “See you later” after I bought Guitar Hero and Diner Dash. In the UK, and especially in that shop, there are many women buying videogames, visibly for themselves. It’s a nice change from “do you want a gift wrap” I get in France

If Guitar Hero is great, Diner Dash isn’t working on my PSP, so I’m a bit depressed by that. Oh well, DBF will help with that…

I guess I will have to get into Children of Mana first…

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