mardi 8 mai 2007

PSP: no girls allowed?

Let’s discuss the new Sony ad for the PSP.

“Easily more affordable than a girlfriend, Dude, get your own”.
Hum, this is a dangerous motto…. Funny, but dangerous. It makes me think of the very first ads for PS1. Provocative. But restrictive.
If we look at the market, at the moment, boys 13 onwards buy a PSP, girls and little boys have a Nintendo DS. The new ad is aimed at the population already buying the console !!!
I think it would be nice to have a second ad for girls. “More fun and easy going than a boyfriend”, it could fit too.

I feel left out, but then I wouldn’t buy a second PSP. I prefer my PSP to my DS. I don’t like Mario, and I don’t care how old my brain is. I want to move around Locos and kill insects with Daxter. I just regret there aren’t more women playing PSP.

So I hope next time Sony will think of its fangirls…

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